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Comic for: May 29th, 2015
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GU Comics: "Verbating My Nouns"
Posted: Friday May 29th, 2015 by

As some of you know, I've started doing reviews to up the amount of content on GU. And, well, to get free stuff. Well some of the providers I was working with didn't really understand my not having a blog and the reviews only existing in the forums. So, I decided to dedicate a part of the site to GU Reviews. I wanted to make it look like a simple blog, but I also wanted to use the forums as my CMS, because installing wordpress to accomplish such a simple task can suck it.

Well, last night as I was reading gaming news in preparation for today's comic, I got a random text from Taks saying simply, "I like the reviews site". I said thanks and then went on a nerdy bender, coughing up -unasked- a tremendous amount of fairly useless information. Sure it was nice to get it out of my face. But, there was no real point in it. I knew without seeing it that her eyes had glossed over and she was looking for an out. It's okay, when I nerd, I half expect this kind of response. I don't hold it against anyone and I know for a fact that I do it when someone else starts rambling on about something that excites them. I try to be a good listener, but sometimes the maintenance man walks by and turns off my mental lightswitch. I check out and start thinking about turning my Sphero into a motorized Tribble or some other dumb thing.

If you ever meet me and I do it to you, please don't be offended. Just point it out, I will apologize and refocus. Make sure to ask what I was thinking about though. The answer will likely amuse us both.

That in mind, what do you most frequently nerd out about?

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