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Comic for: October 14th, 2015
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Humble Bundle: "Same Ol'"
Posted: Wednesday October 14th, 2015 by

Indeed there is currently a Humble Capcom Bundle. And, the games in it are, let's say... well established IP. They've been around for a while. And, that's not a bad thing, I don't think. I'm just making the point that all of the games Ted lists could have just as easily have been listed 15 years ago.

Here's the current Bundle:
$1 or More - Strider, Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 1: Penal Colony, Lost Planet 3, Bionic Commando: Rearmed
$15 or More - Resident Evil 5 - Untold Stories Bundle DLC, Ultra Street Fighter IV
Pay More than Average (Currently $8.34) - Resident Evil Revelations, DmC: Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 5, -more coming soon-
Coupon - 50% off Resident Evil: Revelations 2 in the Humble Store

And the supported Charities (though you can choose your own):
Direct Relief
Games Aid

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