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Comic for: October 12th, 2015
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Destiny: "Foomp!"
Posted: Monday October 12th, 2015 by

I've not played Destiny, but I have read a couple of articles about Bungie's ongoing attempts to correct overpowered shotguns. What grabbed my attention is that after an initial roll back in power at long ranges, it was the player base that said shotguns needed to be dialed back even more. So, Bungie is pulling a perk called "Shot Package" from the game until it can be retooled to work within the game's overlying "balance". Jon "Newsk" Weisnewski, a senior designer at Bungie, assures players that this will not diminish a shotguns effectiveness in Destiny's pvp arena, the Crucible.

Despite the nerf being something players actually wanted in the game, I went through a handful of possibilities of what an overly nerfed shotgun might be. I had to wave off an actual Nerf gun because that was a bit too obvie. Though a super soaker or confetti cannon were strong options, and weirder stuff like a pasta blaster amused me. The t-shirt cannon gave me a strong visual. Now, after the artwork is done of course, I wish I'd made it a gun that shot silly string. That would have been fun to illustrate. Ah well.

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