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Comic for: May 18th, 2016
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GU Comics: "He's Family"
Posted: Wednesday May 18th, 2016 by

You guys might remember a few months ago, I commented on the abundance of DXRacer chairs I was seeing on YouTube and in Twitch Streams. [more info] Well, the folks at DXRacer found the comic, were amused by it, and decided to send me one. Now, whether I draw the chair into the comic is up to me. I was just asked that if I didn't like it to blow it up in the comic. I agreed to that because it's hilarious.

I've been drawing my chairs into the comics, as they actually appear, for as long as I've been doing GU. So, the chances of "Mister Bob" making it into the comic again is likely. I just wanted you guys to know it wasn't a requirement put on me by DXRacer.

About the chair...
It's a Classic Series OH/CE120. It's not a computer chair so much as it's a high-backed throne. John, the marketing director at DXRacer, worked with me to find one that best met my height and weight needs while also allowing for my habit of sitting on my foot while I work. It needs to be broken in a bit before I can talk about its comfort. But, I've already made use of the 120 recline feature to take a nap in it, if that tells you anything. I was kind of hoping for white, but I mentioned liking the brown early in the process and confused the issue. Kind of hard to complain about it regardless. Guess my plans for a Stormtrooper themed desk will have to wait... unless one of you clever Cosplayers has some neat idea for how to turn the brown parts white.

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