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Comic for: May 26th, 2016
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Game of Thrones: "Just as Dumb"
Posted: Thursday May 26th, 2016 by

If it wasn't obvious from the comic, Spoilers Ahead!

My social media feeds have been flooded lately with with references to last week's Game of Thrones episode. So, it was "spoiled" for me long before I even knew what was going on. First I saw posts about a significant death on the show. Then it became obvious whom it was. Then tweets from Funko, "news" items from Geek & Sundry, items from Ikea, and an "apology" from the producers via a bit on the Jimmy Kimmel show filled in the missing info.

I'll admit I was annoyed. Not because of the spoilers, I haven't watched the show in a few seasons. So, GoT spoilers don't matter to me. What annoyed me was how Hodor became Hodor. Hold the door? Really? Beyond being plain damn dumb, it completely cheapened the character and his journey. It's so ham-fisted and forced. I honestly think THAT's worse than killing off the character in the first place. Then again, he's been used as little more than a pawn and a mount by Bran, a character I've never liked. So, maybe it's only fitting that they wrote off the cause behind Hodor's infirmity in such a trite manner. Hodor, the series' perpetual kicked-dog.


Seems I have some strong feelings about the scene after all. Just not "the feels" most everyone else is expressing.

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