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"Recommend me an MMO?" - discuss
Comic Type: Crossover Comic | Posted: Friday December 7th, 2007 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
(I still can't decide if I should use a or an before MMO, heh).

Anyways, I've switched between my two main games, WoW and CoHeroes, about every two months for the last 2-3 years. Quite frankly, even with the release of WotLK and soon-to-be-released Issue 13 for CoH, the fun factor has run dry. I was in the WotLK beta and was severely unimpressed, even at the end, with the storyline and whatnot.

I have occasionally dabbled in the 14-day trials of a couple other games:

The new improvements to EQ intrigue me. Even for a 10-year-old game, it still seems to be running strong. With the addition of mercenaries, I can play a cleric or shaman (my favorite) without having to fret if I can't immediately find a group. The problem with this game is that it doesn't seem to be available at Gamestop or Best Buy (correct me if I'm wrong). I don't use credit cards over the internet.

I tried EQ2 as well, but wasn't very impressed. There were many graphical bugs in the armor, and I couldn't really make sense of what was going on. Most of my abilities were the weak 1st rank ones, and when I went to buy higher ranks on the auction house, I found that prices were badly inflated (which is normal for any MMO, sadly). I liked the tradeskill and housing parts of the game, though.

Lastly, I tried Lord of the Rings. Nothing really negative to say about this game other than it's just not my style. I'm a DnD player, and I love moderate-heavy magic worlds (like EQ and WoW). Other than that, I found this to be a great game.

I know of Warhammer, but from what I've heard, it doesn't look to be my cup of tea either. I am a heavy roleplayer who loves PvE content. I did great at PvP in WoW, even against twinks, but there's no satisfaction in killing General Ownusohard or Lieutenant Hughjazz. Defeating beings like Kerafyrm from EQ, Illidan from WoW, Romulus Augustus from CoH, are the type of accomplishments that I find fun.

So, basically, I'd like to try EQ, but I don't know of a way to buy the latest expansion pack set (I'd love tips on other ways to get this). In case that doesn't work, what other games do you recommend? Or have I covered them all?


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