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"Demon Hunter Svizel" - discuss
Comic Type: World of Warcraft | Posted: Friday January 23rd, 2009 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
The request went like this:
Caricature. Demon Hunter in black duel wielding swords. Pose based on photo reference. Standing on a path in dark woods. 8x10"

Initially the commission was supposed to be more cyberpunk themed. But as we dug into specifics, Svizel decided to redirect the project going more for a Demon Hunter look. He gave me reference material for the idea of the clothes, the exact pose he wanted, and of course a head shot so I could do the caricature element of it. I'll admit the caricature looked more like him before I grumpied up his eyebrows. But Svizel's more cheerful demeanor just didn't mesh with the rest of the piece. I also added on the face paint to put in some more contrast and make the eyes show a bit better.

The only changes that were made along the way was to remove spurs from the initial sketch, and to darken his hair in the colored version. I think it turned out alright.

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