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"Heroics and Raids..." - discuss
Comic Type: Gaming News | Posted: Friday March 20th, 2009 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
I have put it off long enough, and it's time to take the tauren by the horns and start getting some stuff done. We're getting a nice pile of able bodied 85s, and I'd like to get a list going of who wants to run heroics/raids, who they want to run them on, and as what role. Also what times you are generally online. We're still casual, there is very little chance there will ever be a set heroic/raid day unless it just becomes clear that a certain day or days works out for the majority of members. So please make a post with your Main, Main Spec and Usual Time of Play, and I'll edit in a list to make it easier for everyone involved to organize guild runs.

Spazztik: All That is Man: Most nights 7pm-1am EST
Holybovine: Pally

Holyrexx: Pally
Qayos: Priest
Deystia: Priest

Leonie: Mage
Putramel: Warlock
Zaenon: Rogue mornings to evening
Daemonous: DK
Gallendro: Hunter (alt: ozzel: tank)
Tarngath: Boomkin

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