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Comic for: April 18th, 2005
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Tabula Rasa: "Dumbing it Down"
Posted: Monday April 18th, 2005 by

Recently the Tabula Rasa website was replaced by a message informing readers that that game was undergoing a change. size=9][ more info ][/size]

Now, change isn't a new idea for Tabula Rasa, it's been changing since it was announced. That's generally what happens when you have a creative person like Richard Garriott at the helm. People like Lord British tend to take a project so far and then start to get board with it, and start pushing for changes. Lorne Lanning is another good example of this. So am I to a much more minor degree. I play around and experiment with ideas until I start to bore myself, regardless of the praise that might come in from outside sources.

Now, I AM just joking around about the probable result of the changes will be. I can only hope that I'm completely wrong. I think a lot of folks would agree with me that MMOGs have been paired down, bastardized, and dumbified enough. It's time to challenge again. And, I honestly think that Tabular Rasa is going to be a game that challenges us, so take my comic with a grain of salt.

I should also say too though, that by making it a challenging game... it'll probably scare off gamers. So, it could well end up as a low population game. **shrugs** This is all speculation though. And, I probably, subconciously, just wanted to say boobies.

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