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Comic for: October 27th, 2006
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Woody & Ted: "Ted Gone Wild"
Posted: Friday October 27th, 2006 by

I had Comedy Central on in the background last night while I was working on the Life's A Bluff guest comic. And I hear that damn warning that preceeds the Girls Gone Wild commercials. Instantly my skull starts to ache, as those commercials make me ill. But the pain nearly killed me when I heard "guys gone wild"; and, like a rubbernecker at the scene of an accident, I couldn't help but look. Sure enough... blurred out man junk.

I figured it was kharmic retribution for the comic yesterday. Then it occurred to me that it's EXACTLY the kind of thing Ted would do. If for no better reason than to torture me with unwanted mental imagery. Bastard.

Now, I have no idea what the content of the Guys Gone Wild videos are, but I can make educated guesses. And, I guess I should preemptively state that I've never written Ted as a gay character. But hey who knows? Quite frankly I'd be a fraid to ask. I mean... he likes boobies, sure. But, he's also dressed in drag before.

Your guess is as good as mine.

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