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Comic for: May 21st, 2007
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Starcraft II: "A Question of Priority"
Posted: Monday May 21st, 2007 by

So by now most of you have heard or read that Blizzard's big announcement/next project is Starcraft II. I mean you should have heard/read it by now, it seems like every damn gaming news source out there is running 14 articles on it, pushing other more important news to the wayside. And there's absolutely no need to cite a source since you could sneeze and it would somehow take the form of a StarCraft II article.

I can appreciate the excitement. I'm excited myself. But is an RTS sequel really worth this much hype? The answer to that is, as I'm sure you all understand, debatable and subject to the bias of the source. And I doubt not at all that Blizzard was keeping their eyes on the rumblings and speculation leading up to their announcement guaging the wants of the fanbase.

Luckily, there's about 0% chance they'll "Ghost" this one.

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