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Comic for: May 22nd, 2007
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Starcraft II: "Hell, It's About Time."
Posted: Tuesday May 22nd, 2007 by

I tried to avoid another Starcraft II comic. I looked for news all over expecting to find something worth illustrating. But nothing stuck. I'd given up, turned off my computer and was fixing to walk off to bed when the idea hit me. It might not be that funny to some of you, and I admit to probably suffering from exhaustion and/or sleep deprivation, but, I almost hyperventilated trying the stifle my own laughter (so as not to wake up Taks). I so rarely laugh at my own jokes/comics that I knew this one had to be done whether it was the result of being tired or not.

Now, another reason this idea probably amused me far more than it should is that I was a pizza delivery guy in college. And, even when I was early with the delivery I still heard similar comments. Until the day pizzas magically appear in a customers hand the second they hang up the phone delivery will NEVER be quick enough.

For those of you that are curious and can appreciate the irony... the pizza shop is named "Speedy's" (hence the lighning bolt behind the pizza slice).


Sorry the comic was so late. I was delayed by an hour this morning AND it took longer to ink and color Tychus Findlay than I thought it would.

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