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Comic for: September 6th, 2007 - Click Here for more Info!
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"Stardust Revival"

Comic Type: World of Warcraft | Posted: Thursday September 6th, 2007 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
Ok, here we go! The sign up thread and ooc for the sci-fi Rpt...now some people have said we got abit too much background information to digest properly. I will post all the current fluff that I have, but you don’t have to read any of it if you don’t want to…it will be here waiting as reference material as we start missions, I will post in here which system will be involved…so hopefully it wont be overwhelming…this is also to aid in your character creation…so feel free to use any planet as your home planet or make one up and we can include it into the fluff pile…

Main systems

Hegemony of Sol: Inner system / core planets: They are easily the most powerful and largest group of planets and hold center stage to all other factions. They meddle in other governments to parlay peace and further their own agendas.
A large standing fleet and patrol force.


Sol System
Terra: Population 6 Billion
The human home-world still has by far the largest population though military and political power has mostly moved to the Halo. Because of possible environmental damage from heat put into the atmosphere, no civilian traffic is allowed to lift off for space from the surface or drop through the atmosphere with aro-braking. Non military goods are shipped by space elevator through the Halo

Earth Halo: Population 500 million
Earth Halo started as a few orbiting colonies and manufacturing centers that continually built up as excess asteroidal material sent to Earth orbit was converted into more and more habitats and factories. The construction of the two space elevators gave cheap access to the largest known market in the universe which further fueled the Halo's growth. Currently the Halo contains 40% of the entire human manufacturing output with the ability to scale up 50% more with short notice. The people of the Halo have the highest standard of living, not counting the Rocks and System Vehicles.

Luna: Population 50,000
Settled early as a waypoint to Mars, Luna never grew as quickly as expected. Currently the Lunar colonies mine and refine materials that are sent to the Halo via mass driver to supplement the constant stream of rocks pushed from the asteroid belt. Powerful weapon emplacements are on the moon able to prevent any attack from any direction not exactly opposite the Earth from Luna.

Asteroid Belt: Population 1.3 million (?)
Sparsely populated region, most activity involves prospecting rocks and readying them for flight to the Halo.

Mars: Population 5 million
Vast underground cities house the millions who call Mars home. The Martian government acts as a separate entity from the rest of the system but when dealing with outsiders will be solidly with the main government.

Venus: Population 700,000
Currently Venus is undergoing Terraforming. A large dust cloud was placed between Venus and the sun and gigantic machines are trapping greenhouse gasses to bring the worlds temperature down. A small moon named Pearl was created in Venus' orbit and is being used as a base for the Terraforming operation.

Jupiter (and moons): Population 200,000
Jupiter is the primary manufacturing center for cryogenic Helium 3 fuel used as reactor fuel in most space ships and planet based power plants in the Sol System.

Saturn: Population (Classified)
Saturn is the primary staging point and base for the Terran based military.

Others: Population 3 million collectively
Bases and colonies around the rest of the planets and in inter planetary space. Does not include the vagrant people of the independent mobile habitats.

The Corporation: It is the company that owns this space, cutting out a group of systems close in to the Sol controlled space, they are the business that no longer wished to play politics and wanted free reign to do as they pleased. The technology here is second to none, but the good life is only for those who rank high in the corporate ladder.
Some Corp. Security ships can equal a Sol battle cruiser…only a security force…a force that should not be ignored…


Star: Asgard -Slightly larger than Sol

Muspelheim -Closest planet to Asgard. Rocky body, 3 asteroid moons.

Midgard: Population 1.3 Billion
Corporate Homeworld. Slightly further from sun than the Earth is so average temperature is lower. One year is 412.7 days, day is 31 hours long. Surface is 61% ocean.
The first easily Terraformable world discovered, Midgard already had a native life consisting of simple plants and ocean animals. Atmosphere is breathable but unpleasant due to high concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and other trace elements currently being removed. Weather patterns heavily affected by terraforming and heat pumped into it by surface/space traffic.
Population is rapidly growing through several methods including monetary incentives for large families, cloning and state run child rearing institutions. Construction of the first Space Elevator is scheduled to begin within 30 years.

Midgard Halo: Population 30,000
Still in the early stages, the hub of Asgard manufacturing is nowhere near the impressiveness of Earth's Halo, consisting of a mere two dozen habitats and manufacturing centers.

Svartálfaheimr: Population 15,000
An ice desert world that is a third smaller than Mars. Domed colonies.

Asteroid Belt: Population 10,000
At the earliest point in colonisation the asteroid belt was the primary manufacturing center for the system. Currently resources are being relocated to the Halo.

Niflheimr: Population (Classified)
A mars-like world slightly larger than Svartalfaheimr that is currently used as the primary military staging area for the Corperate sector.

Jötunheimr: Population 50,000
A jovian gas giant with stations set up to collect and refine Helium 3 for space ship fuel and power generation.

Organization: Corporate Armed Reactionary Force
When the Second Space War only ended with Sol's intervention and threat to begin sterilizing bombardments of key rebel colonies, the Corporation realized that the larger force will not always win a war.
As was part of the agreement, Sol withdrew and allowed Corp to occupy its rebellious colonies. The ground troops of the time were untrained and not prepared to deal with hidden rebel cells that continued to commit terrorist acts after the peace was declared. In response the government began a program of training and equipping a large professional force to fight its wars on the ground and inside colonies to subdue the enemy without massive losses of enemy civilian lives.
As time passed, CARF's mandate expanded to anti-piracy actions as the Third Colonial Collapse created a large number of desperate but armed people who turned to piracy to survive.

Event: Colonial Collapse
The establishment of a colony without the backing of a major government's resource base is risky but potentially hugely profitable. Occasionally such ventures fail as either the Terraforming does not take resulting in dying worlds or the infrastructure breaks leaving the project unable to continue when the investors back away.
As it is simply not practical to evacuate planetary or system populations, the people left behind such events are forced to get on as best as they can. Sometimes this results in the locals commandeering space craft and taking to piracy.
Even this is not enough to keep the end away forever though, without a stable planetary ecosystem to act as a backup to closed artificial ecosystems there is eventually a total meltdown and finally death for all that remain.

The Kingdom: a group of planets first founded by slow ships from old earth, they are ruled by royalty, as their old land of Great Britain was once ruled. Also occupying a space close to the Hegemony of Sol, they are opposite the Corp controlled space, and have a much larger area, but are sparsely populated… Very high quality crews, but old and aging ships, they do miracles with what little they have. Only a hand full of the latest ship designs…more on them later

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