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Comic for: July 8th, 2009
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World of Warcraft: "Wannabes"
Posted: Wednesday July 8th, 2009 by

By now, most of you have heard/read about Blizzard's plans to start offering a faction change service. [more info]

So, if the Blood Elf Paladin isn't just stupid, what is it I'm trying to say? Well, in the game Grek is an Orc through and through. From his perspective, Orcs are the Horde, everyone else are just, well... everyone else. But when Blood Elves were added his opinion shifted more toward the conspiratorial extreme.

In Grek's mind Blood Elves are Alliance Wannabes. Their ability to be Paladins "strengthens his claim". But, over the years, he's slowly come to the conclusion that all non-Orcs are Alliance wannabes.
- There are no baby Taurens that Grek has seen. So, obviously Taurens are born and raised as cows in the tree riddled fields of Elwynn Forest.
- Undead used to be Humans. Not much doubt about their ties to the Alliance.
- Since Night Elves and Blood Elves are both Alliance, have pointy ears, and. Trolls have pointy ears. Trolls must be Alliance as well.

Now, obviously this is just a bit of roleplaying that I like to use pick at the people I was playing the game with. Thus far I have found out: Blood Elves don't really like being called Alliance Wannabes. And that, of course, is part of the fun.

There's already plenty of other places for folks to talk/rant about the faction change service. I won't really comment on it here. And, you certainly shouldn't feel the need to talk about it here either. But if you want to, feel free. Up to you.

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