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Comic for: September 21st, 2009
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Guest Strip: "Mens Room Curiosity"
Posted: Monday September 21st, 2009 by

As I mentioned Friday, for my birthday Taks did some sneaking around and secured guest strips for Friday and Today so that I could take the weekend off. Friday's comic was by Steve over at Dueling Analogs and Today's comic? Today's comic was done by Hawk from Applegeeks. And, it's a thing of beauty.

Sure it's a bit of a penis joke. But look at that artwork! Man if only I had half the skill Hawk does I could probably get away with penis jokes too!

Thanks Hawk. Awesome as always.

For those of you paying attention, you'll notice the link Hawk included at the bottom of the comic is for HawkStudios.Net not AppleGeeks.Com. You should probably go to both... just to be safe.

And the game serving as the base for the comic is Halo 3 ODST.

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