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Comic for: September 22nd, 2009
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Section 8: "He Means Well"
Posted: Tuesday September 22nd, 2009 by

So there a new game out called Section 8. At some point it was hyped and now, after release, it's not living up to people's expectations. **shrugs** I'd heard of it but never looked into it. But when I don't have a joke idea I go to the nearest gaming news site, close my eyes and point at my screen. Where my finger lands, there shall I derive humor.

Well seeing the name Section 8 I think of two things: Klinger from Mash and people at a nearby neighborhood complaining about these beautiful buildings that had been erected. See Klinger was trying to get booted out of the military by acting crazy, also referred to as a section 8. The reason people were complaining, despite the buildings looking fantastic, because they are classified as section 8 homes, built to help low income families. I know. I know. But some people stop caring about others if they feel their property values are somehow in jeopardy.

Well since the game's title is partially a reference back to crazy section 8, I figued I'd show my brain in a blender and see what came out. This comic is that.

Yeah, I probably shouldn't use the blender approach ever again.

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