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Comic for: September 23rd, 2009
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Gaming News: "Dream A Little Dream"
Posted: Wednesday September 23rd, 2009 by

I've been reluctant to jump on gaming news of late; but sometimes I can't resist. When a company like Alienware heads into the Tokyo Game Show announcing that they are going to "shake the gaming world to it's foundation" [more info] my woefully jaded, inner skeptic raises an eyebrow and says "yeah right" so loud I often wonder if it was audible.

So rather than dismiss the announcement as a poor attempt to hype a newer, more powerful yet somehow cheaper PC gaming rig, I elected to uhh... go my own way with it.

Now, I don't actually wish Bobby Kotick any harm. I just wish he'd shut up. But he's a business guy who has previously demonstrated a contempt for the very people his company serves. I expect him to giggle evilly about deriving $500 out of a $50 game. I just wish he would do it less often or without quite so much pompous-ass icing slathered on his I hate you cake.

Imagine though if after one of these gaming companies sent out a press release sagging under the weight of huge claims they actually did something significant. Sure, I don't need Alienware to go on a killing spree, pruning the industry's tree of their oh-so-abundant asshat fruit.

But if they started kneecapping people...

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