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Comic for: September 24th, 2009
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New Super Mario Bros. Wii: "Say Again?"
Posted: Thursday September 24th, 2009 by

Sorry about the late comic. I finished coloring everything last night. Thought I'd have the comic up in 10 minutes this morning. BUT my computer is hanging up just before the login screen. So I had to finish up the comic on the laptop which was brutal using the touch pad. **shivers**

Anywho the comic is about the "New Super Mario Bros. Wii". The first 2D sidescrolling Mario platformer for regular sized TVs since the SNES (or so I've been told).

Anywho, I'll fix up this writeup get you linked to the game and such as soon as I get the main computer to stop being a pain.

If you're confused by the comic...

In the New Super Mario Bros. Wii, there's 4 player co-op. So you and your friends are playing a traditional Mario game together. (Awesome.) So I figured it would be funny if Mario was taking the lead using military tactical hand signals to direct the team. And, of course, Luigi isn't really into the idea and works Mario over in the broken ass faux italian language we come to expect out of the duo. And of course... pico de gallo has nothing to do with anything.

Translation for those in need:
Ughh. Again with the stupid hand signals? It's a 2D, sidescrolling, platformer Mario! We can see exactly where we're going. Stupid poof [toot-eh] Pico de Gallo.

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