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Comic for: October 20th, 2009
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Machinarium: "Common Bond"
Posted: Tuesday October 20th, 2009 by

A while back I head about a game called Machinarium. It's a cute little action puzzler staring a robot. Well, I only ever looked at the images. Never really searched out game play videos. And, of course, I promptly forgot about it. Then recently I stumbled across it again and fell in love with the art style all over again. It released last weekend, and a review at Destructoid reminded me of that fact. They slapped a 9 Editor's Choice on it. [more info] And I don't disagree.

There is a demo. But I must warn you, it gets its hooks in you. Go ahead and check your bank statements now to see if you have the $20 you'll need to buy it. You don't even need to leave the comfort of your home to acquire it. It's been made available as a direct download.

Now I downloaded mine from their site. This took a couple of hours. If you've already got a Steam or Direct2Drive account you might have better luck with a short download time.

My primary concern after playing the game for a few hours last night is the cost. It's a $20 download. And unless I'm missing something the overall play time might not support that. If you're like me though you'd be happy to look at it as if you're paying $10 for the game and donating $10 to support an independent developer that's made a great game.

The game has some heart to it and I didn't want to trivialize the game, or depart too far from the game in a crude manner. When you play it you want your little guy to win. For something to go right for him. But at the same time, his struggles are what you're there for. Which would be why I drew him as having gotten the girl but at the same time he's still managed to stumble his way into a rough spot. A lot of us have been there. I figured you might relate.

Anywho... once you've demo'd/bought it let me know what you think.

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