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Comic for: November 30th, 2011
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Borderlands: "Live-Action Lilith"
Posted: Wednesday November 30th, 2011 by

So Gearbox, the company that made Borderlands, is looking for someone to play the live action version of Lilith, a powerful character within the game. [more info] Unfortunately, the rules of Gearboxes casting call do require the entrants to be female, not just have a spot on costume with balloons shoved down the front. Ahh poor Ted; he'll be devastated.

These kind of happenings in the game industry always interest me. Not that I want to dress up like a female character. Just that I like to see a company involve their community. I don't know if I would sign over the rights to my likeness for $1000/day though. I think I'd be shooting more for $1000/day AND compensation tied to the game's success. I mean, we're not talking about using someone's voice here. We're talking about using someone's likeness.

If you're interested, online applications must be submitted by December 3rd and an open casting call takes place in Dallas, TX on the 7th. Gotta cough up the cash to get there yourself. But, I'm sure they'll at least give you lunch or something.

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