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Comic for: March 30th, 2012
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Gaming News: "402"
Posted: Friday March 30th, 2012 by

Let me be clear here, this is NOT a comic about Mass Effect. This is a comic about player activism. Admittedly the activism is related to the Mass Effect 3 ending, but let's move on.

Players, upset about something that occurred, let's say, at the END of a game they purchased, decided to protest by collecting money and sending Bioware 402 cupcakes. [more info] It's funny. When I tell people to vote/speak with their wallet, this isn't exactly what I meant.

I, like most people, knew the moment the upset gamers said the cupcakes were on their way that Bioware would donate them though. It's the reasoned corporate response. You know... don't accept it, but don't waste it. Those 402 cupcakes went to a local Edmonton youth shelter. But, I'm certain the printed messages of frustration -that were included with the delivery- stuck with Bioware.

Who knows if this crazy cupcake plan will ultimately have the desired effect. But, I like the idea of it.

So, if I do something that outrages you all, would you guys send me protest bacon? 402 strips? (I can recommend a provider) If so, I promise to eat them. But I also promise to rectify the source of the outrage as quickly as possible.

Update: I'd like to ask that we talk about player protests rather than the ME3 ending. We have a whole other thread to discuss the ME3 ending.

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